Sourcing Management Platform
for the Industry Supply Chain

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The missing tool for your production process

The sourcing process for serial products in an industry is complex and involves several teams and companies distributed in the chain.

We have created a computerized system, on a single platform, to the sourcing management, with support the pricing processes, connecting all parties involved.
Streamlined flow for sourcing.
Integrated information across all sectors of your company and your supply chain
Profitability and Transparency
Tools and processes that strengthen compliance in your company


Through a digital platform, we offer specific tools for the management of teams in the processes of sourcing and product Cost BreakDowns (CBDs).
Flow of creation, development and approval of Bids
Create and update Bids and quotes through an integrated and transparent process. Share with your team and manage the entire process in one place.
Dynamic CBD creation of products and tools (BOM & BOP)
Develop complex estimates of product Cost BreakDowns, including their tools and logistical expenses.
Automated and standardized calculations
Visualize and simulate product costs dynamically, changing productive economic levels and markups, optimizing the profitability of your project.


  • Mobile version
  • GED
  • Integration with IoT system
  • Activity and performance management
  • ERP’s Integration
  • Workflow approval
  • CBD's in customer standards
  • Detailed Tool spreadsheets
  • Financial results
  • Materials Database
  • Globalized costs
  • Processes Poka Yoke
  • Material Cross Checking

Is this solution for my company?

If you suffer from any of these problems, we have the solution you need.
Failure to communicate in the supply chain
If you receive documents with no standards, difficult to understand, we offer a structure that facilitates the exchange of information between companies.
Error in calculations and poor understanding of requirements
The complexity of the sourcing and the low automation of the processes generate diverse errors that go unnoticed in the companies, often causing great damages.
Delays and Rework
ERP's and processes that do not prioritize sourcing work cause stress among teams, which are pressured by short deadlines. Manage your Bids effectively, in one place.
Low security and process control
Documents that do not store access and change history can mean low security and control. With eBidOne you can use the technology in favor of Compliance.

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